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Sujatha for Wilairat escort wrote:
If you she selects someone else over you, it's an issue of selectivity. What I think your statement translates to is "I'm very upset I'm not getting selected." see the review
Gobs for Andercya escort wrote:
Two dates before you decide to move on is not unreasonable. see the review
Gagate for Eliane Flore escort wrote:
What is unreasonable is going out into the dating world expecting to be wowed within minutes of meeting someone, see the review
Resoap for Hereng escort wrote:
You've never met someone and had an instant connection? see the review
Nogg for Alina Nicoleta escort wrote:
and then if they don't repeating the process night after night, year after year. It's crazy. see the review
Florinda for Nirsmarit escort wrote:
How about this: if someone wants to do this and thinks it's worth their time and energy, why don't you just let them do it without complaining about it? It's their life, their circumstances. If it wasn't working for them and/or if they didn't enjoy it, they would stop, don't you think? If they didn't think it was beneficial, they'd try another method. It sounds like you're just bitter because the person it's not benefitting is you. Sorry, but that's your own fault, not everyone else's. see the review
Alsthom for Lelum escort wrote:
Maybe you should respect peoples' abilities to make up their own minds about how they spend their time and allocate their affection and not try to decide how to do it for them. see the review
Guck for Teeranart escort wrote:
To guys complaining about women who don't give them "a chance": see the review
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